Final Report: What’s Next California? A California Statewide Deliberative Poll for California’s Future

Participants showed overwhelming support for initiative process reforms that would empower voters to better understand the consequences of initiatives they are asked to evaluate, and showed little interest in options that would have enabled the Legislature to affect their content in any way. PDF

Participant Guide: What’s Next California?

The unprecedented challenges faced by California government over the past few years provide an unparalleled opportunity to reform it. Californians demand more from government than it has delivered recently: gridlock, partisan fights, and year after year of deficits. PDF

By the People: What’s Next California?

On June 24, 2011, a scientifically selected random sample of 412 registered voters from throughout the state participated in California’s first ever statewide Deliberative Poll on governance reform, in Torrance, CA. The turnout for the “What’s Next California?” Poll was unprecedented in the 17 year history of Deliberative Polling® and the participants came prepared and eager to share their views and engage with fellow Californians in discussions about how our state is governed.

Final Report: By the People – Hard Times, Hard Choices – Michigan Residents Deliberate

As Michiganders confronted the budget crisis and the demands on scarce state resources, they moved strongly to support increases in certain taxes and decreases in others. They also held the line on essential services but expressed increased willingness to pay for them. PDF

By the People: Hard times, Hard choices – Michigan Citizens Deliberate

The results of the deliberative poll, and the reactions of Michigan residents to issues such as poverty, education, unemployment, housing and the economy aired on public TV stations in Michigan on Jan. 18. Questions were formulated with the input of Michigan-based public policy experts.