8 Regions in Texas

Averaging across 8 Deliberative Polls in Texas, the percentage willing to pay more on their monthly bill for wind and solar energy increased from 52% to 84%. And, in 2007, the state of Texas has become the leading state in wind power in the US – back in 1996, Texas was ranked near the bottom.  View the energy choices 1-pager.

Italy-Regione Lazio

When the percentage that believed the Regione should “convert some of its beds into other resources that make the structures more efficient” for healthcare increased from 45% to 62% after deliberation, the state government did so, transferring the money to more efficient poly-ambulatory clinics.


After deliberation there was increased support for Roma schools to be closed and children to be bussed to new schools (42% to 66%). Since then, the Bulgarian government has closed all the Roma only schools.