By the People: Hard times, Hard choices – Michigan Citizens Deliberate

Photo: Emily Orlando/Unsplash

The results of the deliberative poll, and the reactions of Michigan residents to issues such as poverty, education, unemployment, housing and the economy aired on public TV stations in Michigan on Jan. 18. Questions were formulated with the input of Michigan-based public policy experts.

Power 2010: Countdown to a New Politics

Power 2010The Power 2010 Deliberative Poll took place January 9th – 10th in central London. A scientific sample of the UK provided by YouGov were brought together to discuss the proposals for democratic reform submitted by members of the public, producing a shortlist to be put to the public vote.

Deliberative Polling® on the uses of a stadium in Poznań, Poland

Photo: Paweł Czerwiński/Unsplash

Participants from the Polish city of Poznań deliberated on the possible uses of a stadium at the conclusion of Euro 2012. They considered pros and cons of four scenarios for the future of the stadium.  This is the first time Deliberative Polling® has been used in Poland.

Deliberative Polling® on Unemployment and Job Creation in Kaposvár Hungary

Photo: Andreeew Hoang/Unsplash

The Institute of Sociology and Social Policy of the Corvinus University of Budapest conducted a Deliberative Poll in the summer of 2008 in Kaposvár, Hungary. The topics were employment, job creation and the employment policy of the European Union.  The Hungarian deliberation revealed informed opinion about unemployment.

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