On June 15, 2019, a scientific sample of over 250 residents of the Greater Houston area was convened to deliberate on present and future policies regarding immigration. The 254 participants of this Deliberative Poll were pulled from a registered voter sample of roughly 20,000 purchased from Aristotle and RDD sample of roughly 10,000, with the goal of reflecting the demographic distribution of the registered voter population in the Greater Houston Area with respect to age, gender, race and ethnicity, and political party preferences. Prior to deliberation, participants received balanced briefing materials vetted by a distinguished advisory group with summaries on each of the key areas including arguments for and against the policy proposals, and completed a questionnaire illustrating their initial views. On the day of the event, participants met at the UH Hilton, where they were placed in small moderated groups to discuss four issue areas—Crime and Public Safety, Economy and the Workforce, Higher Education Benefits, and Legal Options for Undocumented Immigrants—before posing questions to a balanced panel of experts and policymakers.

Briefing Materials

Current and Future Immigration Policy


Executive Summary