Foreign Policy By Canadians – La politique étrangère selon le peuple Canadien


Final Report


Rapport Finale

More than ever before, our lives as Canadians are shaped by what happens outside Canada: from the food on our tables, to the jobs we may hold, to the technology that connects us to our loved ones and that keeps us informed. And now, with a pandemic turning our lives upside down, our very health is influenced by international affairs. In a democracy, citizens must have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. Increasingly, decisions that affect our lives are impacted by developments and decisions beyond our borders. The lives of everyday Canadians are shaped by the way Canada engages in the world. At the same time that our interdependence with other countries has grown, the world has become a more divided place. The past few years have seen an increase in competition between countries, as the alliances and institutions that unite us grow weaker. Just as we now rely more on decisions made at the international level to Instill some stability in our lives, those decisions have become more and more difficult to make. How should Canada work with other countries to improve our lives? You, like all citizens, have an essential role to play in answering this question. Foreign policy shapes your life. This exercise is an opportunity to learn what Canada’s foreign policy should be, in the view of the people most affected – Canadians themselves.