Deliberative Polling®: California

California's First Statewide Deliberative Poll ®

Whats Next CA Logo On June 24, 2011, a scientifically selected random sample of 412 registered voters from throughout the state participated in California’s first ever statewide Deliberative Poll on governance reform, in Torrance, CA. The turnout for the “What’s Next California?” Poll was unprecedented in the 17 year history of Deliberative Polling® and the participants came prepared and eager to share their views and engage with fellow Californians in discussions about how our state is governed.

The Poll focused on four issue areas: The statewide initiative process, legislative representation, local government, and tax and fiscal policy. A total of 30 proposals were considered in these four areas. Over the course of the weekend’s deliberations participants became more informed and in many cases changed their views significantly after deliberation with peers. What do California voters think should be done to fix the state when they focus on the substance of the issues? “What’s Next California?” offers some clear answers.

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San Mateo Countywide Assembly on Housing Choices

Is there a critical housing shortage in San Mateo County? If so, what should be done about it? A scientific sample of county residents recently participated in a Deliberative Poll® sponsored by Threshold 2008, a coalition of civic groups in the county. The weekend sample of 238 participants considered competing policy options, became more informed about them, questioned competing experts and by the end of the weekend, changed their views. The Deliberative Poll®, conducted as part of a Countywide Assembly on Housing Choices, was hosted by Cañada College on the weekend of March 15-16, 2008.