Deliberative Polling®: By the People

By the People is a special project organized by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions to bring the views of informed, "ordinary" citizens to a national discussion on the important issues of the day. Since its launch in 2002, BTP has supported well over 200 Citizen Deliberations around the country and more than 100 national and local PBS broadcasts, on issues ranging from national security to healthcare. Deliberative Polling® of the citizens of the United States has been a vital part of this initiative.


What's Next California?, California's First Statewide Deliberative Poll®

  • By the People: What's Next California?
    PBS Newshour documentary on the What's Next California Deliberative Poll®

Hard times, Hard choices: Michigan Citizens Deliberate

The results of the deliberative poll, and the reactions of Michigan residents to issues such as poverty, education, unemployment, housing and the economy aired on public TV stations in Michigan on Jan. 18. Questions were formulated with the input of Michigan-based public policy experts. The event was sponsored by the Kellogg Foundation.

By the People - Hard Times, Hard Choices: Michigan Citizens Deliberate




Dialogues in Democracy: "Citizenship in 21st Century America"

By the People—through its local public television and community organization partners-- hosted Citizen Deliberations in 11 communities around the country focused on the rights and responsibilities of citizens, as they relate to issues of local importance. The local deliberations were accompanied by a national Online Deliberative Poll exploring 21st century citizenship in America. By the People is partnering with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation on the Dialogues in Democracy project.

Health Care and Education

Foreign Policy and the 2004 Presidential Election

Vote 2004

Vote 2004 Banner
Vote 2004: Presidential Candidates in Their Own Words

This presentation covers the credentials and policy positions of George W. Bush and John Kerry, the Republican and Democratic candidates for president. Vote 2004 has been developed jointly by the Center for Deliberative Democracy and the Political Communication Laboratory at Stanford University, and by By the People. The policy issues highlighted include the economy, energy, healthcare, homeland security, and Iraq. The primary source material consists of excerpts from candidates' issue platforms and speeches. Multimedia content is taken from coverage of speeches and other campaign events. A selection of the candidates' political advertisements is also provided.